Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance can cover your precious two-wheeler if it is damaged in a variety of ways. If you bought your bike with a loan, you may be forced to purchase a comprehensive policy. Otherwise it’s up to you. However, the benefits are significant. Here’s what this insurance can cover.

Nature: Comprehensive Insurance covers your bike if it is damaged by a storm, flood, wind, or other such weather ocurences. “Natural elements” also usually include what one thinks of as naturl disasters, such as earthquakes, fire, falling rocks, and even sinkholes.

Collision with an animal: Deer, cows, wild fowl, bison and moose can get out onto the roadway before you realize they’re there. This is one place where a comprehensive policy comes in very handy. Passive objects This refers to objects which are usually inanimate, but cause damage, such as falling signs, trees or light poles.

Civil unrest: Riots, political protests and wars – they can happen where you live, too.

Theft: Stolen bikes are usually stripped, and thus sadly are never returned to their owners. A comprehensive policy typically covers not only the cost of the bike itself, but also any custom parts or equipment. Let’s hope it never happens, but be ready in case it does.

Vandalism: Comprehensive motorcycle insurance covers the repairs of a motorcycle damaged by vandalism, malicious acts destruction, attempted theft, and related acts of mischief. Yes, it’s awful, but it does happen – at least if you’re covered, you can get it fixed.

Just because you buy cheap scooter insurance doesn’t mean you have to settle for less than full coverage. A comprehensive policy can be purchased through any carrier or insurance broker. Remember, the purpose of insurance is to prepare for the unexpected. And if the unexpected comes along, you’ll be glad you expected it.

Source by Erik Stugg

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