You’ve probably seen the ads for Pet Health Insurance on TV, online or in magazines. But did you ever give it any serious consideration?

Many pet owners are, shall we say, overly optimistic about their pet’s health. After all, if something happens how much could it be?

Well prepare to take a financial beating. Veterinary care is costly. Simple. Vets are qualified doctors who spend years in training and have a business with a high overhead. Lab tests are usually outsourced and so will cost the same as it does for us humans. Remember, this is medical care, not grooming.

So what could some major procedure cost? Well, according to Consumer Reports here are some of those costs:

  • Pacemaker: $3000
  • Kidney Transplant: $8000
  • Checkup: $140 – $340
  • Broken Leg: $1670

Plus X-Rays, anesthesia, medications, monitoring, boarding and I could go on and on.

The worst thing about these costs is they often come as a surprise and always at a bad time.

What would you do if you were suddenly faced with a life and death decision? Where would you find the cash and what choices might you have to make if you cannot afford treatment? All of us as pet owners must eventually make that decision for our little ones but hopefully it is at the end of a long and healthy life when other options have run out. To have to put down your pet because you weren’t able to pay for treatment would be devastating. I know it would for me.

How many times have we read about people turning in their loved pet to a shelter. Not because they were unwanted but because these people could not afford medical care for their pet. This is a very tragic situation, for both the pet and their humans. And it is a situation that, by being prepared, can be completely avoided.

At first you may feel that it is not worth the cost of monthly payments to insure your pet. However, once faced with a situation like that above it may be too late. It is less expensive too if you insure your pet when he is younger. Just like we humans, the older we get the more expensive insurance can get. By purchasing your plan when your dog or cat is young you will save a lot of money and worry over the years.

Pet Health Insurance will provide you with peace of mind. With regular premium payments you can budget for your pet’s medical costs. No surprises. Peace of mind for a few dollars a month. Combined with your love, and following some simple health tips you will prolong your pet’s life for many, many years. It is worth looking into.

Source by Erika Eastmann

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