If you are a parent of very young children there’s no doubt you might be protective of them to ensure their safety. I know, I have two little boys of my own and they are a handful.

Children like to play and have fun when it comes to playing with toys and riding bicycles and scooters.

What if a parent wants to take his or her child for a joy ride on a scooter moped or motorcycle, where would the child sit? In front or in back? If it were me I would not bring a newborn baby or tiny toddler along for the ride unless I had him or her riding in front of me. Even then, I wouldn’t bring a child on board a motorcycle or scooter moped unless he or she were at least four or five years old. This is where both safety and common sense discretion come into play.

Here are some common sense safety guidelines to remember when riding with children on your motorcycle, electric scooter or electric scooter moped.

1. When you are out joy riding and you take your small child with you, know the risk and start your child riding perhaps at the age of four or five.

2. When you sit your child on your motorcycle or electric scooter moped, have him or her ride in front of you and not behind. If you have your child ride behind there is a greater risk of falling off the bike while riding down the road.

3. When you ride, make sure you have an operator’s license with a motorcycle endorsement along with liability insurance.

4. Whatever you do, never let other kids give rides to small toddlers on their scooters and electric scooters. Extra weight on a scooter makes it a little more difficult to control.

5. Above all, wear safety helmets. The better helmets are the ones that cover the entire face.

These are worthwhile safety tips that you should keep in mind while joy riding with a small child. So on your next joy ride with your little boy or girl, please be careful.

Source by Harold Luce

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