When you require storage shed for your bike, there are a number of factors to consider. Before keeping your bike in the shed, you must ensure that it is in good condition. This is important if you will not use it for an extended period. When installing the bike storage shed, consider the fact that you also need space in the shed for other bicycle paraphernalia, tools and equipment.

The bike must be clean and it must be oiled because this will help avoid rust and any probability of the bike seizing. If you are installing a new storage shed, the shed must always remain dry and aerated. Any movable metallic parts will in all likelihood not do well in a place that has moisture. The storage shed must be waterproof in order to protect the bike from any water or rain.

Your bike’s wheels and the paint must remain in good condition. To ensure that this is the case, make sure your storage shed does not allow direct sunlight or ultraviolet rays to penetrate through to the shed. The best way to safeguard the tyres and the paint is to store the bike off the ground. The shed can have a hook where you can suspend the bike with its tyres somewhat inflated.

Depending on the level of security in your area or rather a lack of it, you must determine how secure you want the bike storage shed to be. If you have an insurance policy for your home, check with your insurer to determine if your bike is covered in the policy. If this is not the case, find out what you need to do to cover your bike while storing it in the shed.

For people who have invested in a pricey top range bike, security should be a big consideration. You need to have an effective approach to securing your bike during storage. In this case, a more secure metallic bike storage shed with locks that are highly rated is a necessity. Consider having storage where the wheels and the frame of the bike can be secured. This can be done by mounting the bike on one side of the storage shed. You can then get the wheels and the frame firmly locked.

There are many other factors that you will need to look at when getting storage for your bike. The first is durability. Your bike’s storage shed must be durable as this will also ensure the bike’s has durability. The storage must also be weather resistant so that regardless of the climatic conditions, your bike remains stored properly and away from any harsh weather elements. Another important factor is functionality. This is particularly important when you have a number of bikes and you do not want to have difficulties in getting your bike out when you need to use it.

The best storage for your bike must be dry; it must be big enough and must be as secure as it can be. With a great bike storage shed, you need not worry about the bike cluttering your home, getting stolen, or getting destroyed. You can enjoy the riding experience knowing that once the ride is over, you can always look forward to another ride. That’s because you have done everything to safeguard your wonderful bike.

Source by Dwijen Borah

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