If you own a motorbike, protecting it from theft is necessary in this day and age. Bike equipment costs are on the rise and the bikes themselves are expensive. Getting your bike stolen can be a big loss and insurance companies recognize this by charging higher premiums for motorbikes without GPS trackers.

The following are top 5 tips for choosing motorbike trackers.


Consider a tracker that is small and very discreet. The last thing you want is a chunky large tracking device that is visible on your bike. It needs to be small, discreet and light in weight. On a motorbike there are only a few places you can install a GPS tracker without it being noticed.

Accurate Data

Motorbike trackers need to capture information accurately. Motorbikes can travel at speeds, so knowing how fast your bike is traveling is crucial. If you have a fleet of bikes, knowing it’s location at a particular moment is important to your business.

Real Time Tracker

Purchase a tracking device that gives you real time, live information. If your bike gets stolen, you need to be able to track immediately. There are some devices that can be tracked online with regular alert updates via email or text. Law enforcement recommend a reliable tracking device that can provide crucial location data immediately.

Battery Life

Battery life is important especially if your motorbike gets stolen. Try looking for motorbike trackers that provide at least 4-5 days battery life without recharging.


If you are a business wanting to track a fleet of bikes or a spouse wanting to track a cheating other half, you can set up boundaries where the tracker should not move out of, known better as geo-fencing. With predefined geo-fenced areas, as soon as your vehicle steps out of the area, you will be alerted.

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