If you are a motorcycle or scooter enthusiast, you realize the importance of keeping your vehicle safe. There are many cases of theft of this means of transportation. Bike and scooter alarm systems are the sure-fire way to ensure that no one will mess with your equipment. There are many different types of systems on the market today and something for nearly every budget. Spending money on an alarm system is like a personal insurance policy; spend a small amount today to protect a large investment tomorrow. Or you may not spend a penny and if your bike is stolen you have nothing left than collecting money for a new bike again.

Some of the bike and scooter alarm systems on the market today are not visible to thieves. Once activated, they emit a loud, high-pitched sound that will quickly make the thief the center of attention and they will quickly leave your bike or scooter. Alarm systems give you features such as: arming or disarming, remote starting, remote engine cut-off, mute alarm, motor locator, and adjustable sensitivity. If you bike or scooter is taken, some systems can show you where it is and the thieves can be caught red-handed. Other systems allow you to cut the engine while they are driving away. Regardless of which system you choose, a bike security system is an important feature in this day and age.

You can buy good locks for the scooter or bike. Another important thing is being able to prove that the bike or scooter is yours if the police recover it. Thousands of recovered items are sold in Police Auctions because the rightful owners can not prove ownership. You should try to find the serial numbers on the bike or scooter and record them (preferably on the sales receipt). You can hide a name tag inside the handlebars or in the shaft of the seat. Some people use engravers to put their names or SIN numbers on items. But this may damage the paint. A thief may be able to alter such ID marks.

Don’t assume your bike or scooter is safe. Because these vehicles are out in the open, they are easily accessible to thieves. Don’t take chances with your valuable possessions, bike and scooter alarm systems are affordable and definitely worth having. To ensure your bike is armed properly, professional installation is advised. Do yourself and your bike a favor and buy an alarm system today.

Source by Michael Vladimir Gnutov

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