Times are tough and now more than ever you need to ensure that the money you spend is really worth it. Sadly, one of the things that people try to cut on when money is tight is auto insurance (or any type of insurance for that matter). However, this is the very last thing you should do.

No one ever knows when accidents occur and should you ever find yourself on a road accident where you are at fault, car insurance can save you from financial ruin. So no, don’t scrimp on vehicle insurance. However, there are ways when you can get the best auto insurance rate that can save you literally thousands of dollars down the road. Following are some of these tips.

1. Work on a having a good driving history. Insurance companies are taking a risk on your driving habits. As such, if you have a good driving track record, then chances of you getting in a road accident (and ergo chances of the insurance company needing to make a payout) are slim. So, good driving record = better car insurance rates.

2. Know your credit score. Your credit score is one of the things an insurer takes into consideration when figuring out the auto insurance quote to give you. If your credit score is bad, this means your finances are not good, which means you’re a big risk for the insurance company, which in turn means you get a high car insurance rate.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that there are often mistakes in one’s credit score! The best thing to do here is for you to know your credit score NOW and fix any erroneous entries by getting in touch with credit report companies to get these mistakes out and thus improve your credit score. In the end, a good credit score means better car insurance rates!

3. Read auto insurance reviews online and learn from other people’s experience! With your good driving record history and better credit score in hand it’s time to seek the best car insurance providers. The best way to find these providers is to learn from the experience of others. A great place to be better informed is to visit an auto insurance reviews site.

Auto insurance sites are third-party sites where thousands of people just like you sign up and post their own personal reviews of car insurance providers they’ve dealt with. The review criteria for each vehicle insurance company generally are: Extent of Coverage,  Claims, Customer Service, and Car Insurance Cost.

After short-listing your potential car insurance providers, don’t ring them all up as that takes a lot of time. Instead, check out car insurance quote sites online where you can fill out your details once and have the site submit your information to your chosen car insurance providers. Let THEM do the work of getting your business!

4. Take higher deductibles. If you can afford it, opt to pay a higher deductible (the amount you need to pay the auto insurance company before they pay any claims) than normal. It may be steep at the start but this means paying lower monthly premiums too, which in the long run means more savings for you.

5. Go ahead and be cheeky… ask for a discount! Nowadays, there are plenty of discounts that can be had on car insurance (e.g., low mileage drivers, presence of anti-theft gadgets in the car, car-poolers, etc.) but in many cases you do have to ask for them! So go ahead and ask! Hey, it’s your money, right?

Try these tips and getting better auto insurance rates will be easier than you think.

Source by Joseph M. Deacon

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