Many people are now viewing the purchase of solar panels as the new financial investment that provides a fantastic return as well as benefiting the wider environment. These solar panels generate electricity by converting the sun’s rays into an electrical current that can be used within your home as well.

Solar PV panels not only allow you to save money by reducing the cost of your annual electricity usage but they can also help you to make money. The Feed in Tariff scheme means that homeowners who produce some of their own energy will receive a payment by the government, as well as a top up payment for any of their unused energy they put back into the grid.

Solar Photovoltaic energy is the fastest growing power generation technology in the world and is currently used in over one hundred countries worldwide. Not only has the possible investment opportunities increased significantly with the introduction of the Feed in Tariff scheme but also the initial investment cost of installing solar panels has decreased as advances in technology and manufacturing allow for the panels to be produced at cheaper rates than when the power was initially introduced to the public some years ago.

Some other investment benefits that solar photovoltaic panels provide are that the income earned is completely tax free; that’s not something you can say about the majority of investments. As well as this, by installing solar panels and producing your own energy you can protect yourself against future energy price increases. Just recently we have seen national gas suppliers, including Scottish and Southern Energy,state that their prices will increase by almost 10% in December 2010. And as we all know it is not only gas prices that can rise steeply, so by using photovoltaic panels you protect yourself from any such rises in the cost of electricity.

These solar panels are usually mounted on the roof of your home and can either be plush mounted or mounted on a tilt. The varying factors of installation will usually vary depending on the location of your house, roof height and gradient to name but a few factors, all of which will be addressed and calculated by the company you choose to install your panels to provide optimum energy return. So not only is this an investment that can provide huge monetary returns, it can also help the environment hugely, definitely something to consider for every home.

Source by Mischa Weston-Green

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