The insurance industry is one of the key components of the service industry in the United States of America. Valued at around several billion dollars, the industry is characterized by the presence of umpteen numbers of insurance companies each trying to win new contracts with existing and new clients. It is therefore not uncommon to find several life insurance leads over the net or newspapers on a daily basis. Each of these leads promises you to offer the best deal at reasonable prices.

Considering the stiff competition in the insurance industry, insurance companies are not only offering life insurance leads at highly competitive prices but also introducing several new plans to suit customers of all kinds. For a long time, interested insurance buyers complained that while the insurance leads appeared lucrative there were far too many procedural hassles involved. One of the prime aspects that caused a lot of inconvenience to insurance buyers was the tedious medical exams that were once quite common while applying for life insurance policies.

In recent times however, insurance companies are trying to attract new buyers by lowering their life insurance leads and simplifying the medical examination procedure. In several instances it has been found that some insurance companies are doing away with the medical exams altogether. So, is that a good move or a bad one?

For potential insurance buyers, if getting low cost life insurance leads is a priority, it is also quite important to save time. In this regard, scrapping medical exams is a great way of preventing wastage of time. Buyers may however, be asked to fill in a medical form which does not take too much time. Once the form is completely filled, their application is processed and submitted. This can even be done online and hence in very little time.

By doing away with the medical exam norm, insurance companies save a lot of processing fee. This can be passed onto the client in the form of low cost leads. So in this way also, the buyer ultimately makes the gain.

However, just like there are several advantages in terms of money and time in scrapping medical exams for life insurance leads, there are certain disadvantages as well. To begin with, for physically fit people this is not a very heartening development as they may not get very low rates. Also, for the middle aged insurance buyer, who experiences high cholesterol levels with passing time an arrangement like this may prevent him/her to get the best rates.

So, what is the bets choice then? Keeping all the factors and aspects mentioned above in mind it can be said that the best option would be compare the life insurance quotes and see which life insurance leads are offering the best deal in comparison to the rest in the business. If the rates are more or less similar, then it would be wise to skip the medical exam procedure and save a lot of time and effort.

Source by William Harryn

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