What are family PPO plans? A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) is insurance that contracts with a number of different physicians and hospitals to secure ideal rates for you and your family. With this plan, you can choose to visit any provider on the plan any time you want. You expected to stay with a specific provider for your health care needs. You can also choose to visit a provider who is not part of the network although the benefits you receive when visiting a network provider will be lower.

What is the benefit of using this PPO plan?

When you use the providers within the network, you will be receiving quality medical care with the highest level of benefits at the lowest rates. Your out-of-pocket expenses will be significantly lower when you utilize a healthcare provider within the network. You do not have the hassle of filling out forms to receive services. Another added benefit is that each family member that is covered is not required to use the same physician as you. Each covered member may choose the physician of their choice within the network of preferred providers. In the event of an emergency, as a PPO member you do not have to be concerned about coverage because the plan allows for worldwide coverage, 24 hours per day.

What types of plans are available?

When looking into these plans, you can choose between six different types of plans:

* Beneficial Plan offers a waived deductible up to three office visits during the plan year.

* Beneficial Rx Plan waives the deductible as the Beneficial Plan and includes substantial savings on Prescriptions.

* Plus Plan offers low out-of-pocket expenses when you need primary care services.

* Preferred Plan offers a reasonable monthly rate along with the freedom of selecting a provider for your medical needs.

* Traditional Plan allows you the flexibility to choose your providers so that you can receive the best medical care at a reasonable cost.

* Health Savings Account is a high deductible health plan that allows you to save qualified health expenses on a tax-free basis.

Along with the plans mentioned above many PPO, plans also offer dental coverage. As you are looking for the most cost effective family PPO plan that provides the maximum benefits remember to match the offers you receive with the medical needs and budget of your family. You do not want to spend extra money on coverage that you will not utilize. Once you have selected the plan that is right for your family, relax in the knowledge that your loved ones have medical insurance if they should require healthcare treatment.

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