We’ve all seen the paid-programming shows trying to sell us home gym equipment, or some business opportunity scheme, but what about the new programs that are business interviews, but put into a paid programming venue? Many of the promoters of these shows tell us that they work quite well, and of course they are going to say that, but we must ask do they?

Apparently, many actually do from the testimonials of the businesses that participate, and although we do not know if they get a discount for saying so, one can only imagine that if it brings them in business, especially during a recession then, well it’s probably worth whatever they charge?

The most successful businesses of this type we’ve seen in Florida; Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Tampa. We are now beginning to see them in a few other markets such as Hollywood and Los Angeles. Indeed, I’ve noticed that most are all about sales and unfortunately, they appear to be rather skimpy on the production quality, which is unfortunate. But don’t judge them all this way, as some are quite excellent.

Why do these venues work so well? Interesting question and the answer is that it is very hard for a marketing or PR firm to get their clients on TV or in the news. Yes, getting people featured in the news isn’t easy, we always had a tough time with this in our franchisee’s markets, but managed to do okay, considering we were not professionals like the companies that offer these alternative TV Interview marketing products.

Of course, our franchisees or our clients always wanted more! Doesn’t every business, agency or nonprofit? So, I completely agree with the basic concept for getting results, and see these paid programming business interview venues as a wise marketing option. Perhaps you might consider this to help your company through the recession.

Source by Lance Winslow

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