What Are The Best Marketing And Online Advertising Tips?

I, for one can tell you that there are many tips out there. Nonetheless, the best marketing and online advertising tips are not laced with sweet sauces but with real world steps you need to do to kick start your success.

That is the same reason why you have to be careful where you get your tips from and more than ever, always validate them. In this Internet age, information is everywhere so be on the lookout at all times.

  • Tip 1: Make Your Advertising Campaigns Focused. Whether you are out to identify which target group or age group, be focused at and fix 1 or 2 variables at least so you know which results are comparable. You want to compare apple to apple.
  • Tip 2: Advertise On Tuesdays Or Thursdays. It doesn’t apply to every single industry but if you are focusing on the working class group then these two days fare better than the rest of the week. You may get discounts on thursdays too.
  • Tip 3: Marketing Using Mass Media. You can get great exposure by using mass media such as press releases and even participating in industry discussion websites. What you want to do is publish an interesting announcement regularly.
  • Tip 4: Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants. This is widely used by the top marketers and experts of our times. We know that birds of a feather flock together. So, gather with more experts if you want to be known as one.
  • Tip 5: Marketing To Your Prospects Mind. How do you get inside the head of your prospect? Ask them of course! Just run a poll or a simple marketing survey to know what your prospects are thinking and looking for.
  • There you have it. These 5 tips should get you started on the right track to marketing and online advertising in a jippy. But remember that it is always about being able to relate to your customers that counts.

    Source by Vern How Chan

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