It is far simpler to test the different types of advertising you do in Newspapers and Magazines than testing the advertising you do in the the Yellow Pages and this can also be used as a foundation for the advertising you do in the Yellow Pages.

By testing your advertising monthly or weekly you can quickly build a picture of what ads are performing better for you. A lot of ads get ignored as businesses tend to run the same old tired ads week after week and people become oblivious to the message. If you are going to get a response from a weekly ad it will happen within a week. Next weeks paper will have a different ad so last weeks test has gone. Try spicing up your advertising and test the results to see what happens.

Try testing these couple of different ideas:

Changing the headline should be something that you test. It is the most important part of your advert as this is what gets the readers attention and it determines whether anyone actually goes on to read your ad. Use your imagination and create real attention grabbing headlines.

The position of your advert in a Newspaper or magazine is very important. When you read a publication you naturally first look at the right hand page before then scanning to the left hand page. You then start scanning the headlines beginning top left of the left hand page. You should test having your advert at the top of the right hand page. Trying this also using a really good heading will make sure your ad is noticed and read.

It is also vital to include a call to action, tell them to contact you, and contact you now.

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