There’s a myth that you may have heard or a belief that is in your head that is stopping you from achieving financial success. That belief is that property investing is for the rich. On the contrary, property investing is for everyone! If you are just starting out thinking about investing in property then there are some things to think about and do that will help you start your investment journey:

Learn: Learn all about property. There are lots of sources of information to help you – books, websites, magazines, blogs, dvds, seminars, courses. Consume as much as you can, though be careful who you take your advice from and make sure you understand people’s motives. For example, there are many companies offering you property investing advice who also happen to be trying to sell you property.

Get Support: Surround yourself with like minded people. Ask for advice from people who have achieved what you want. Be prepared sometimes to pay for good professional advice as well.

Be goal driven: This is as true in other areas of life as it is in property investment. Set goals for yourself, write them down and measure your progress.

Be action oriented: There are so many people out there who read the books and go to the seminars but they just never get started. You need to execute.

Be a good money manager: There are many people I know who have no idea what goes in and what comes out, what they are worth, how much they need to live on and how much they could be saving or investing each month. Getting on top of your own finances so that you understand these things is one of the first steps you must do if you are going to be a property investor.

Source by Kaz L Young

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