The life and usefulness of a quality Harley cover can be prolonged if properly cleaned and maintained. These are necessary in order to combat the indoor and outdoor elements that your HD motorbike is exposed to, such as sunlight, rain, wind and dust. These elements can cause deterioration to your Harley Davidson cover over time. The better you clean and maintain your Harley Davidson cover, the better your Harley Davidson cover will be able to guard your motorcycle when essential.

Cleaning Procedures

  • Lay the HD cover on a protective surface, such as a blanket or a tarp. Make sure that the Harley Davidson cover is widely opened and does not directly touch the ground.
  • To loosen and wash away dust and dirt, use a hose to push them off.
  • Gently scrub all parts of the Harley cover with the use of mild, warm soapy water and a clean cloth. Give precise concentration to areas with stains.
  • Rinse the entire Harley cover to wash away any soapy residue still with the use of a hose.
  • Let your HD cover air and/or sun dry naturally.

Maintenance Tips

  • Never use an abrasive and harsh cleaner. A mild soap or laundry detergent will act good to suffice the cleaning requirement.
  • A pressurized water washer available in a do-it-yourself car-wash will do just fine in case a hose is not at hand.
  • Treat spots with stains immediately for even stain resistant fabrics can be spoiled by berries and other falling items.
  • Wait till your Harley cover is thoroughly dried when damp before you keep it inside its storage bag for it may cause mold to build up.
  • Keep it a habit to clean your HD cover prior storing.
  • Allot time to regularly clean your Harley cover to keep it good as new every season.
  • If a bad weather is expected as much as possible keep your HD motorcycle with a Harley Davidson cover over it inside your house or garage. Though you are aware that your HD cover is durable, you don’t have to test it if not necessary.
  • When the biking season has arrived and there is no need to use your Harley Davidson cover, then keep your Harley cover neatly folded and stowed inside its storage bag. With this, your Harley cover is safe from dust and pests, and its surface is less exposed to falling objects which could cause unwanted abrasions and stains.

Source by Mathew Valdez

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