Finding cheap health insurance is possible.

With the economy in the state it is today, it has never been so important to save money. Families are trying to save money by dining out less often, shopping at secondhand stores, and cutting down on travel to save on gas and airfare.

So where does that leave us with our medical insurance? If we are so inclined to save in every other aspect of our lives, why don’t we do the same with our insurance? Monthly payments can get so expensive, as can deductibles if we do get sick or injured.

If you decide it’s time to change insurance plans, make sure you find a company that offers free health insurance quotes. That way, it’s easy to compare other plans with what you have now and not be out any money.

There is a company that allows you to call in and talk to a licensed agent to get a free insurance quote. Talking to an agent means you get answers to your questions…and you get help when comparing what insurance you have now with the cheap health insurance you find.

If you’re not insured yet, don’t wait any longer. It is so risky to go without insurance. If you get injured or sick, you could face extremely high medical bills. There are many people I know of who have lost their life savings, their homes, and had to file bankruptcy for this very reason. Don’t get caught in that situation!

Here are some tips to finding cheap health insurance:

1.Let the agent you’re talking to know what kind of monthly payment and deductible you can afford.

2. The higher your deductible, the lower your monthly payment will be. However, make sure to set some money aside for that deductible, because when it comes time to pay it (and there will be a time!), you’ll be happy you have the money right there at hand.

3. Opt for a health savings account for that very reason…you can set small amounts of money aside at a time, and when you need it for the deductible, it’s there.

4. Get on a group plan. This might be through your work or even through an organization you’re part of. A lot of my clients never realize they qualify for a group rate; it just never occurs to them. Think about what groups you are a part of, including whether your college has an alumni insurance program. Ask! It can never hurt.

5. Make the call today to a licensed agent to get a free health insurance quote. Your agent can give you even more tips to finding cheap health insurance.

Source by Adam Hallson

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