Life Insurance Closing Techniques

If you were expecting another one line sales pitch to be written here, you definitely will not find it. Life insurance closing techniques have very little to do with sales pitches at all. The whole say this and all of a sudden you will get this kind of reaction from your prospect sounds like a crush sale to me.

If it ever came down to you giving a sales pitch, you are either trying to salvage the sale, or you are not in true communication with your client. Think about it, you are solely relying on some outdated script or pitch that was written who knows how long ago. Wouldn’t you rather know how to not perform a sales pitch and still close a deal?

I am one of those individuals that likes to know how things work. For example, if a doctor just ran some pitch on you, but he really didn’t know the science of his own work would you go with that doctor? I didn’t think so. The same concept goes with life insurance closing techniques, if you do not know the science of truly closing a deal, then why look for the quick way out.

This brings me to my very first point, you are in this business to sell yourself, not your products.

Life Insurance Closing Techniques – Always Sell Yourself

What exactly do I mean by “sell yourself”. A lot of individuals hear this but very few actually understand the science behind it. I am going to try and put it into the best perspective for you. Think of a time when you wanted to buy something, like a TV or Car. Do you remember the individual that you dealt with during the course of the sale? Maybe you do not remember his or her name, but you can definitely remember if they were knowledgeable, kind, informative, and helpful. Now, do you remember the guy you did not buy from?

What were the reasons you did not buy from that individual? Maybe he did not help out, he might have been rude or even ignored your questions or concerns about the product you were wanting to buy.

The reason why you did not buy from that individual, was because they did not sell themselves. Even though it was the same product, same price, same warranty, you still did not buy from that individual. Life insurance closing techniques are about getting to know your client.

They will not buy from a stranger, so you turn them into a friend. Friends have trust, and trust is what will get you the sale. The client must trust you with their money. If you are just out there doing some sales pitch about some product but have not really gotten to know who you are sitting across from, you are literally hiking up hill to close that deal.

Life Insurance Closing Techniques – The Sales Presentation

After you have gotten to know your client, you then get to the product presentation portion of your visit. A majority of life insurance agents tend to have some type of sales presentation . These sales presentations are meant to educate your client on your products, and how they perform.

The biggest mistake that I see out there is that the presentation is incredibly overwhelming in information. Let me take a step back and show you what I mean by this. Life insurance products, and their complexities can really put a human brain to sleep. What I have noticed is some companies jam packing their presentation with so many complicated phrases that the average consumer would just not understand.

Do you know why people choose to read at night? It’s to get tired. Eventually during your reading session you will come across some word that you do not understand, and you will skip over it. Generally about 15-20 minutes later you will start getting drowsy and will fall asleep.

The same concept applies to sales presentations, if your life insurance closing technique heavily relies on your presentation to the client, I strongly recommend you keep it incredibly simple. Simplicity is a major factor in closing ratios in this business. Many individuals do not understand what a Mutual Fund is. I personally do not call it a Mutual Fund, instead I call it a collective pool of money. It is small things that really make a difference in a make or break deal.

Life Insurance Closing Techniques – Proper Communication

This concept of proper communication, although very simple is a concept that 90% of life insurance agents do not follow. That is why you do not see them making more then 100k+ a year. How exactly do you apply this concept to your life insurance closing techniques? Proper communication is really two way communication. What this means is that during your time of getting to know your client, and even during your sales presentation you must always listen and acknowledge. You must always acknowledge your clients concerns, if you have a solution wonderful, if you do not you must still acknowledge their concerns and take note to see what you can do to help them.

During the presentation, you must make it interactive. Do not by any means just sit there and ramble on and on without even getting an “OK” or “I understand,” from your client. After you explain a portion of your presentation to the client, turn that paper around and make them explain it back to you. They should have no problem doing it if you kept it simple, and if you were in proper communication from the get go of your appointment. Do not be afraid to ask open ended questions, anything that will involve more communication will make your client feel like you are a friend, and not someone just trying to sell them some product.

By applying what you have learned here in your day to day practice you will see great results in your personal production. Remember, keep that presentation as simple as possible, complexity is a deal breaker. Get to know who the person across from you is, they put food on your table for your family and friends. If you are truly providing a service to your prospect, and you utilize proper two way communication to help your client understand that, then you will greatly increase your life insurance closing ratio.

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Source by Muris Mulalic

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