Computer Aided Design (CAD) is a type of computer-based tool used for drafting and designing. CAD is useful in various designing fields such as architecture, mechanical and electrical fields being some of them. This is a type of software, which enables users to create rapid and precise drawings and rough sketch plans of main products. It provides a flexible pattern in the drawing process that users can alter as according to their required dimensions with minimal efforts.

CAD is not only made for artists specifically but has the diversity to entertain all kinds of designing enthusiasts. This software has all built in features as per users need and come with many templates and symbols, for designing and drafting purposes, which gives it a wide area of application. It is the primary geometry-authoring tool used for all 2D and 3D designing purposes. It is useful for engineers, architects, and other designing professions.

CAD is applied in mechanical, automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, machinery, and shipbuilding applications. In this field, it is used for designing various machinery and tools that are useful for manufacturing purposes. In the field of electronics, it is used in manufacturing process planning, digital circuit design, and other software applications. In the field of architecture, it is used as an effective tool for designing all types of buildings and assessing the integrity of steel-framed buildings. It enables them to design buildings in 2D and 3D models to give almost a real replica of the original work. It is useful in engineering processes in conceptual design, and laying out and analyzing components in manufacturing methods. Computer Aided Software Applications are now available on personal computers to facilitate users to work from home.

Many professionals use the CAD software because of its precise and creative benefits. Lower product development costs and reduced design cycles are some other attributes of the CAD software. Many educational institutions are nowadays indulging in teaching CAD to their students to make them aware of the latest technological advancement in the field of designing.

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