The information technology sector has experienced a major boom in the past couple of decades with many Indian companies being ranked among the best IT solutions companies globally. Every IT solution undergoes strict quality testing processes to ensure it is capable of handling the intended purpose. The objective of software testing is quality assurance and reliability confirmation. Today, software development has become an integral part of businesses. However, it is important that the quality of the software being developed isn’t compromised as this may take a dig at brand’s reputation and lost sales.

Apps are increasingly changing ways businesses are done. Be it assisting sales on-the-go or placing an order on your mobile, apps are increasingly being used to simplify businesses and touch-base with customers. Mobile apps make it much easier for people to access websites and their registered accounts without having to log in to a desktop with an internet connection. However, apps also require proper quality testing to ensure they function efficiently ensuring they don’t crash suddenly.

What is software quality assurance testing?

It is the process of locating the bugs and fixing the same to avoid software glitches and ensure that the quality of software engineering products meet standards. It involves a set of activities to assure the quality of the software is intact. QA ensures that the products meet the needs of a particular business. It is imperative to undergo quality testing through all stages of a software cycle.

Quality testing should start from the project plan to check whether the plan has covered all. This is vital because a small thing may cause a lot of problems in future. After scrutinizing a project plan, the next step is to review the requirements. Before translating the written requirements into design and code, it is vital to review the correctness of the requirements. It is wise to fix the issues still on paper to avert huge problems later on. This will help save a lot of time and money.

Depending upon the requirements, software quality testing services follow various types of testing standards including White Box testing and Black Box testing.
Black box testing is the quality services related to the exterior viewpoint of the object. The tester does not know the programming language or other specifications of the software program. It is also known as functional testing. It is done from the user’s point of view.

The purpose of quality assurance testing is also to make the software product in line with the design guidelines. The quality services of a good software company include screening, verifying and validating that the software is bug free.

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