Today, you may find it very difficult to locate automatic spyware removal applications for legacy computers. On the other hand, there are some ways to obtain a custom application that will work on your system. As may be expected, some of these methods will be more expensive than others.

Developing Your Own Automatic Spyware Removal Application

Interestingly enough, you do not have to be a professional programmer in order to develop an application that will make use of existing spyware definition files. While it may take some time for you to learn how to use a compiler such as Visual Basic or Java, you will be amazed at all of the things you will be able to do. Once you know how to program, you may well decide that you will not want to upgrade your computer for decades.

Paying For a Custom Program

Many colleges offer degrees in computer software engineering. You may be able to contact a professor that teaches this subject, and ask if any of his/her students would be willing to accept payment in exchange for writing an application for you. As may be expected, you can also see if someone on a freelance forum can do this job for you.

Regardless of how old your computer is, there will always be someone that can develop software for it. Even if the major anti-spyware manufacturers do not offer programs that work on your system, you may still be able to find someone else to help you. On the other hand, you may decide that computer security issues offer you the perfect incentive to learn how to do your own programming.

Source by Richard Hadden

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