An MBA degree is an asset that can open doors and increase career opportunities. When considering which MBA program to attend, prospective students must first decide whether to enroll in an online MBA degree program, or to physically attend on site classes.

This decision depends on the prospective student’s individual needs, taking into account such factors as time, location and cost.

A traditional on site MBA program has the benefit of increased interaction with others, thus allowing for a greater exchange of ideas and information. On site MBA programs also have the allure of traditional college reputations and accreditation.

However, classes that require mandatory physical attendance can be restrictive, especially for those with full time jobs and inflexible schedules. Distance can also affect the ability to attend traditional classes. On site programs also tend to be more expensive, due to the costs of physical facilities and commuting expenses.

An online MBA degree program can be completed in the privacy of one’s own home any time, day or night, and distance is not an issue. An online MBA degree program is also more affordable, because there are no overhead expenses, and there are no commuting expenses. Advances in technology allow for more real time communication between teachers and students. The popularity of online MBA programs has also led to greater acceptance in the business community, and the majority of these programs are indeed accredited.

All aspects must be considered when making the decision of which type of MBA program to attend.

Source by Lester James

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