Finding the best undergraduate schools can be a really daunting task these days. There are numerous lists posted on the Internet that claim to indicate which programs are the best in the USA. The reality is that the undergraduate program for one individual may not be best for the next person.

There are numerous variables you should consider before deciding on the best school for you. For instance:

1. Does the school offer the degree you intend to pursue?
2. What is the reputation of a given school for the degree program you intend to pursue?
3. What are the admission requirements of the school?
4. Who is the accrediting organization for the school?
5. What is the per unit cost to attend the school?
6. What is the physical location of the school?
7. Do you want to attend a brick and mortar school, an online school, or a school that offers a combination of classroom and online courses?
8. Are you interested in some “video learn” courses or do you want instructor led courses only?

One of the most critical factors when selecting a school is making sure the school is accredited. You don’t want to make the mistake of choosing a non-accredited school. All of the best colleges are fully accredited and listed in the US Government’s Database of Accredited Programs and Institutions.

Gone are the days when all of the best universities are strictly brick and mortar, classroom based. Some of the best schools in the country offer Internet based courses that can be taken at the student’s convenience.

Some of the Internet based courses use video learning as a tool for teaching as opposed to having a full time instructor. One of the best features of such a course is that the student can progress at their own pace through the material.

By far the most efficient way to find the best undergraduate school for your personal objectives is to use a free enrollment advisor service. The way it works is you call up and speak directly to an enrollment advisor toll free, or else you fill out a short survey online.

Based on your responses, the enrollment advisor provides you with a list of the best undergraduate school programs that fit your profile.

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