Many places offer kickboxing, also called aeroboxing, fitness classes. These classes take classic kickboxing moves and choreograph them to music in an energetic, fun style. You kick, punch, jump around, and dance like professional boxers, except you don’t need to worry about people hitting you.

These classes develop strength and endurance as well as improving your coordination and balance. Although many places offers multiple levels, sometimes from beginner to advanced, kickboxing classes will give you an intense workout and you’ll quickly realize why kickboxers are among the fittest athletes around. Despite beginner and intermediate classes, this is primarily a high intensity advanced workout.

In looking for a good class, except perhaps as a beginner, you don’t want a standard aerobics instructor who simply throws in a few kickboxing moves. Ideally you want either someone who has been certified by an independent kickboxing organization or who has attended seminars on kickboxing. A step aerobics trainer who’s looking for a few more classes to help pay the bills may be good for beginners,  but certainly not ideal for everyone.

I haven’t done kickboxing yet as my health club isn’t offering classes, but based on reports from some of my friends I think I’d love it. I’m hoping to find a local class this fall and winter and look forward to intense workouts. If you’re looking for an intense workout that offers lots of variety, kickboxing may be for you. There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to try it like I’m going to.

Source by Harold Baldwin

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