Children are full of joy, laughter and happiness. No matter how old your child, seven or seventeen, he or she is entitled to live their young life fully. However, in this hectic and competitive era, most children are robbed off this right. It is indeed very sad. Children these days are burdened by the number of subjects at school and the number of tuition classes that their parents enrol them in.

Look at the number of tuition that each child is going for these days. It is almost possible that a child in this era may be working longer hours than their parents. Shocking, but it may be true. Let us see several reasons why tuition classes are causing stress among students.

First of all is the long hour of tuition that each child has to endure. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Right after school, with no break what so ever, some kids are sent directly off to tuition classes. After a tiring day at school, it is almost impossible for any child to maintain alertness and concentration in their tuition classes. After these classes, students are burdened further with the number of homework from tuition and school. The question remains: When do these kids have time for leisure, sports or to spend time with family?

Next, all these competition, tension and stress are bound to cause unbalanced development in your child. This is proven by several scientific researches. Stress and intense competition can put a stopper to positive attributes in any child. It can cause a child to loose positive and wholesome attitude towards his or herself. It could also lead a child to feel pressured thus causing unwanted negativity. For example, the child might develop hatred towards teachers, studies or even parents starting from a very young age.

Some students are forced to attend too many tuition classes that they loose tract of which exactly is their “real school”. Some even find their tuition centre their second home, since they spend so much time there. All these competitive and pressured environments cause a child loose his or her ability to be adaptable, creative and innovative. The child is left to study just to score in exams. They do not study to gain knowledge. In the end, this is fatal to a child’s mind. The child will loose interest in knowledge and its beauty. In fact, he or she will start to hate gaining knowledge. In some intense cases, certain children turn rebellious.

Thus, the key to understand here is that education is important for every child. However, as much as you want to give them the best, do remember that they are just children. They need a balance and stress-free life. Choose only the utmost important tuition classes for your child and make the right decision. Also, do ask your child what he or she wants. After all, we want the best for our child.

Source by Anna Peacocks

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