To some others, Google AdSense is just like finding and digging money on the street, at everywhere and anywhere. There are story and “legend” about mom and dad, housewives, home entrepreneurs, retirees and even kids still studying are making and generating good money, some even hitting thousands of dollars good income per month with Google AdSense program.

For these people, whom I termed as “Internet Adventurers”, they could hardly earn a small little dime via the Internet (inclusive my humble self too) before this G’s Revolution (wow, “G’s Revolution!”). With Google Adsense, there is this door to have and “own the opportunity” in creating incomes comparable to working full time in brick and mortal world. By simply putting in Google AdSense Ads code on their website, or the more popular and easier way via blogging, you are all ready to go and become the next “Super G AdSense” earner.

We have even heard of those “Elite” groups who continuously refine their strategy and truly on track to achieve a million dollars per year or more through their AdSense sites. But don’t be easily mistaken that these groups of people are just like ordinary man on street wondering around without clear objectives. They have a very clear direction of what to do, what should be done, and with a focus mind.

Over the time, I realized that there are 3 important basic traits of those “Super” AdSense Earners do have in common. To see if you could made it like what they did, let’s examine these basic and important traits:

1. Treat it as True Real Business of Your Own.

Learning from the “legend”, they really treat their AdSense business as a REAL business empire. They track almost everything they do. Follow this basic and foremost important strategy. Start to track what you did that truly produces the kind of desired result.

Analyze what’s work and what’s not working. Most people don’t even realize the reason of their own failure, and simply give up or blame it back on Google. By analyzing your own path, it could keep you from making the same mistake unknowingly again and again. And at the same time, you can just follow and repeat those areas that worked.

2. Decide on The Purpose of your Website.

The world is fair. You can’t have the best of everything. So you got to decide on the main objective for your website. What is its main goal? Your website cannot and should not be everything for everybody. It is not a junk place!!

Ok, if you decided to have a full fledged e-commerce website for business, filled with good selection of products, jointed up with other links with more selections…let me share with you, it is not an ideal site for Google AdSense Program. It is not the type of website you should be building for displaying AdSense ads.

The primary objective of such e-commerce site is to sell, so let it just do that. You would not want to confuse your valuable visitors with too many options, don’t you? What you want is to make them decide what they want fast, not browse around and close it because they simply can’t decide what to do. Help them to decide, and to decide fast.

After browsing around for some time, and learning through other sites, my belief is that the best AdSense websites are truly built for AdSense. These are the sites that only provide content, and sell nothing at all but just feeding information. These are the websites that “Feed Information”, not intended to “Sell” anything at all other than providing information.

3. Stay Focus and Keep Your Consistency.

In order to be truly successful for the Google AdSense Program, you must stay focus and be consistent in building up your network. For you, this is not like those instances where you just have to build one site, promote, sell….etc.

Keep in mind that you must continuously building sites in order to achieve that kind of good income through AdSense program. The more sites you build, the greater the potential of returns. But bewares, don’t simply spam the SE with junk sites.

Google is smart enough to know it, and your sites will face the consequences of being dropped and worst if your AdSense Account gets suspended. That’s the end of your AdSense venture. Full Stop and that is. Google hardly will re-activate a suspended account unless you have a real good out of this world explanation. And that’s if only you could reach the human behind its auto-responder.

If you are to see yourself as the next mega buck earner with AdSense program, ask yourself on the above traits. Do you have it? Can you discipline yourself in those mentioned areas? Be clear of ourselves before all other things come in. If the answer is a strong “Yes” – Cheer to yourself. But even if it is “NO”, we can always improve on it don’t we?

To reach success in whatever we do, continuous improvement is the key. Yeah, everyone is in rush and attracted to Google Adsense. Me too, looking forward to earn some income from Google AdSense. But well, till date I have yet to make it good.

Let’s look forward shall we?

Source by James Little

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