Trading currencies can be one of the most exciting methods of making money out there. Part of the thrill comes from making a huge profit from a minimal investment, though part of the thrill also comes from the fact that you can fall flat on your face at any moment. Like an extreme sport, Forex trading has big risks and big rewards.

When you first start trading currencies you’ll be a Class I. At this level you’ll be able to trade a couple pairs here and there successfully. You might not see huge gains, but you aren’t losing anything big. Next you then advance to Class II, and when you do this you’re likely to start making some riskier trades. This is the class where you start to gain some confidence.

When most people start to feel confident they rush right into Class III. More accurately, when people start feeling OVERCONFIDENT they move on to Class III- where the waters get rougher and losses more devastating if they occur. Most people jump to Class III way before they’re ready. So if you only take one thing from this article, remember to TAKE YOUR SWEET TIME in Class II and DON’T RUSH FORWARD JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN!

Most people do better when they are honest with themselves- both about where they stand in the Forex pecking order and when they need help from a Broker. And when most people are honest with themselves and drop the damaging ego, they admit that getting a Broker is often a great idea. Now, don’t go thinking that a Broker is a MAGIC BULLET, but understand that a good one can protect you from a lot of the pitfalls of investing.

Just because you’ve decided to work with a Forex Broker doesn’t mean you should just jump on board with the first silver-tongued banker who crosses your path. The only route more likely to lead to disaster than trying to do it all yourself is hiring a broker just because they promise you great things. Anyone can make promises. I could promise you now that with just $10 of investment capital I can make you $1,000,000 within the next week. See how easy that was? Don’t trust promises- trust results.

A great Broker will have a great track record. They will have lots of experience. They will be backed by a major bank. They will want you to investigate them and make sure they’re on the level. They have nothing to hide and everything to show for themselves. Great Brokers are up on the newest technology, the newest tools. They will understand that you want to do with caution and they will RESPECT that. They will show you exactly why going with them is such a good idea.

Above all, a great Forex broker will put your success first and they will educate you on what the market’s doing. Don’t go with someone who wants to keep you in the dark, go with someone willing to make themselves obsolete in your financial life.

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