The associate degree online is a relatively new undergraduate degree, which is offered by junior or community colleges online these days after a two year course of study, and requires 60 semester credit hours to complete. This type of education offered to students is mostly in the Applied Arts (A.A), others include associate in applied science and associate in business administration. An associate educational online requires two full years of education, which consists of four semesters for its completion unlike the normal bachelor’s education that normally requires four years to complete. This type of education online is the diploma, which indicates that the person has a broad base in education with special, schooling in a specific field.

This type of educational training qualifies a person for higher paying career opportunities in his field of interest and aids them in achieving their career goals. It is better to opt for an associate diploma online course in Applied Science as a degree for the same is given much more preference than any other course in an applied diploma. There are various types of educational online courses. They are:

o A.A – “Education of Arts”: It sharpens a person’s artistic abilities and increases their scope of getting a good and qualified job in the art industry and it is predicted that the art industry would grow faster than any other conventional industry. These associate degree online courses are as effective as any other university for developing a person’s artistic talent and that to for less time and money. These universities include comprehensive demonstrations of the various techniques to teach various artistic skills. The degree is designed to prepare students for a four-year college.

o A.A.S- “Education of Applied Science”: These applied diploma online courses are developed to prepare job entries into various fields after two years of college. A.A.S diploma can be further given other titles under specific occupations such as Associate in Business, associate in Computer Technology etc. An associate degree in business prepares an individual for career in variety of industries such as finance, accounting, e-commerce, management and marketing. Moreover, business degrees are one of the most popular diplomas conferred by any university due to the innumerable prospects that become available to all its recipients. An Associate degree online course makes it more tangible as it is extremely popular with online universities and is beneficial and easy to teach in an online setting. Moreover, they teach practical, real world skills in a business setting.

o A.S-” Education of Science”: It is specially designed to transfer into a four year degree in various occupational fields such as engineering, which itself consists of various other dimensions such as computer, mechanical, civil and environmental engineering. It generally includes math and science in addition to the design and engineering courses.

o Associate in medical and health: The health care industry is one of the fastest growing industries, which prepare a person for rewarding career in health care. There is a shortage of nurses, psychologists and other prominent people in this industry, which have quite elevated salaries.

o Associate in criminal justice: These educational online courses focuses on criminal justice keeping in mind the public safety and justice. It trains a person for various other jobs such as that of a police, detective, lawyer and administrator.

These educational online courses is a relatively new phenomenon, which has gained popularity due to its flexible nature and accessible.

Source by Carol Currie

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