Diablo III the long awaited 3rd installment is approaching 1 month since the release date of May 15, 2012. I’ve done Diablo III book and character reviews and I’m going to continue with my review of the monk class.

Diablo III has five classes each with their own advantages and disadvantages, what I really like is how they have created a lot of balance between all the classes and really giving you an even playing field. The five classes are barbarian, monk, wizard, demon hunter,and witch doctor. Here is my review of the monk class which I hope will help you decide if it’s the class for you.

Monk Class

– A melee based fighter the Monk specializes in hand to hand combat, and is one of two melee type classes. Monk has a very good area of effect which is great for weak dungeon creatures.

– The monk has weapons unique to its class, fist weapons, and Daibos. Fist weapons allow monks to equip their hand to hand styles with knife blades, knuckle spikes, and toughening hand wraps. Daibos are the monks best weapon because of the unique active and passive abilities that are more efficient.

– The monk only has head armour which is unique to this class called spirit stones which grants class specific bonuses.

– The monk has more than 20 abilities to use with each one being slightly different and if you combine that with any one of 5 runes, you give yourself a wide arsenal of skills at your disposal.

-Because you spend so much time fighting larger groups of enemies its best to select abilities with area of effect spells like crippling wave and lashing tail kick. Then you can rune them with mangle and scorpion sting respectively.

– The monk is the opposite of the barbarian when it comes to abilities and buffs. the barbarians strength is damage attacks were the monks strengths are healing and buffs.The monks defensive abilities are better for party play.

– Between the two attacking classes barbarian and monk, there’s a definite edge in attacking with the barbarian, and a definite edge in healing and survival with the monk. That’s not to say that the monk is a weak attacker because that would not be true just compared to the barbarian the monk is the weaker attacker.


Depending how you plan on playing in Diablo III the monk is a good attacking class and is extremely valuable in party play because of the defensive buffs and heals you will offer your party. I prefer being able to heal effectively over huge damage which is why I like the monk class and why I think for the experienced player the monk is better than the barbarian. Also the area of effect spells are better than the barbarian which has next to none, and the couple the barbarian class has are trash.

The monk is a fun class to use and has many possible scenarios for the skillful player to create new techniques and builds that will give you an overall amazing experience. Thanks for reading my Diablo III monk class review.

Source by Luke P O’Leary

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