The latest installment of Rob Benwell’s Blogging To The Bank eBook is NOTHING new. Yes.. you’ve heard me right and I’m not afraid to state that as my intention is to write an honest review about this product.

But this doesn’t mean that Blogging To The Bank 3.0 is totally useless and full of rehashed materials. In fact, it’s a well-written eBook that focuses mainly on teaching the NEWBIES how to make money blogging with WordPress.

If you’re not a newbie, and you understand/know how to do the following tasks…

1. Market/Niche Research

2. Products Research

3. Keywords Research

4. Register a domain name, set up hosting account and WordPress blog

5. Install and set up certain WP plug-ins for SEO purposes

6. Write informative content in your blog

7. Optimize your blog for both humans and search engines

8. Promote your blog using various link building, SEO and Web 2.0 techniques

9. Monetize your blog by promoting affiliate products and displaying Google AdSense ads

10. Test, optimize and improve your monetization

11. The, repeat all over again from step 1 with another blog.

The above is the cycle of success practiced by all successful bloggers. If you’re already doing these steps daily, then Blogging To The Bank 3.0 is really NOTHING new to you. So, you don’t need to waste another $37 to buy it! Because you’re already practising the blogger’s cycle of success.

But if you are new to blogging or not familiar with the steps I outlined above, then you need to read BTTB 3.0. It’s perhaps the best blogging blueprint to follow if your intention is to make money building blogs.

In Blogging To The Bank 3.0, Rob breaks down these steps/processes and shows you step by step how to build blogs that make you money. The book contains no FLUFF; you won’t hear Rob’s telling you his personal stories. He goes straight to the point and tell you to do this, then that, then repeat your success. Simple as that.

So, you only get to learn those actions needed to make money by building blogs. The eBook only costs $37 and I reckon it’s great value for money. If you’ve decided to purchase it, please check out my BONUS page first (see link below). These bonuses complement the BTTB eBook and further expand some of the ideas covered.

Source by Leon Lioe

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