The DonJoy Arch Rival Orthotic was developed in collaboration with Dr. Arthur Manoli, II, MD, director of Michigan International Foot and Ankle Center and Brian Graham, C Ped.. According to Dr. Manoli, Cavus Foot Deformities may affect up to 30% of the population.

A Cavus Foot Deformity is a term that describes a number of foot shapes, with the common factor being a “high arch”. This foot type changes the biomechanics of the foot during gait, causing an array of foot deformities and foot conditions, including bunions, callous formation and hammertoe deformities.

Most people are born with a high arch, just as some people are born with flat feet. There are some neuromuscular diseases such as Charcot Marie Tooth Disease that cause a high arch, but we will discuss the mild to moderate type that are the most common.

A high arched foot can also cause ankle sprains, leg pain and back pain due the position of the heel (varus), and poor shock absorption of the foot/ankle complex.

According to Dr. Manoli, rigid molded orthotics are not indicated for patients with cavus feet, as they tend to aggravate the condition, and reduce shock absorption, causing foot stiffness and stress related metatarsal fractures.

The DonJoy Arch Rival was designed specifically for patients suffering from mild to moderate Cavus Foot Deformities. Its patented , prefabricated orthotic design, ensures natural foot function, stability during gait and improved shock absorption. The unique feature of the Arch Rival is the recessed area under the head of the first metatarsal.

In may patients with a Cavus foot type, the first metatarsal is plantarflexed or below the normal level of the ball of the foot. When a patient lands on the ball of the foot, the first metatarsal strikes the ground first, causing it to elevate. This disrupts the natural gait cycle. In many patients, the first metatarsal complex is rigid and does not elevate, forcing the foot to turn outwards. Painful callus formation occurs under the first metatarsal due to the abnormal pressure that occurs. By creating a recess area or “pocket” under the head of the metatarsal, brings the ball of the foot into a more natural alignment, and therefore improved gait.

The addition of an elevated cushioned heel, improves shock absorption during heel strike, and accommodates patients with tight calf musculature, a common side effect of a Cavus foot type.

The Arch Rival is made of an anti-microbial, thermodynamic material that helps prevent bacteria growth, odor and blister formation.

The DonJoy Arch Rival comes in 7 different sizes that can also be trimmed for a more customized fit.

Please consult with your treating doctor or therapist to determine if the DonJoy Arch Rival is the orthotic device for your condition.

Source by Dr. Kenneth Shapiro

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