Before we discuss an easy natural treatment for hemorrhoids, let’s review what hemorrhoids are:

Hemorrhoids are varicose veins and swollen tissues in the rectum and anus. The symptoms are itching, burning and pain. They can bleed. Pain results from the inflammation of the blood vessels and the consequential bursting. Hemorrhoids can be external or internal.

External hemorrhoids develop around the rim of the anus. This type of hemorrhoid is the associated with the common symptoms of burning, itching and bleeding.

Internal hemorrhoids develop inside the rectum. Generally they do not cause discomfort or even awareness of their presence. Even though usually painless, they can sometimes cause discomfort and bleeding during passage of a hard stool.

Internal hemorrhoids are classified in degrees:

First-degree – bleeding with no prolapse (do not stick out).
Second-degree – prolapse (stick out) with a bowel movement and retract on their own.
Third-degree – prolapse, do not retract on there own, but can be manually reinserted.
Fourth-degree – chronically prolapse, cannot be manually reinserted, or fall out again.

Hemorrhoids require treatment. If left untreated they will worsen over time. Surgery might be required. You will need to consult your physician to find out if surgery is necessary. If you are not ready for that, then investigate alternatives until you find an easy natural treatment for hemorrhoids.

There are two keys here: treatment and easy. Treatment is a process, a process takes time and effort. The more difficult the process, the less likely you will stick with it. That is why it is important to find an easy natural treatment for hemorrhoids.

An plan for an easy natural treatment for hemorrhoids consists of three steps:

  1. Topical relief
  2. Soaking
  3. Diet changes

Of course, each of these steps requires the use of natural products.

Source by Howard Faron

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