Part of the training you do for boxing and kickboxing needs to include drills to build your stamina. You also want to improve your overall level of cardio fitness. Improving your stamina means you won’t get tired out as quickly. This can make the difference when you are in the ring. Both boxing and kickboxing are physically challenging so you need to make sure your body is up to it.

When it comes to improving your cardio fitness level you want to begin with a good warm up. This should include low intensity stretching so you can warm up your muscles. Then you want to focus on getting things revved up for various muscle groups one at a time. Jumping rope is a great way to get the warm up you need. Do it as quickly as you can for two or three minutes then slow down.

Sprints are a great way to increase your cardio as well. You want to do them in short segments. It may not seem hard but they can get your heart pumping very fast in just a minute or two. Alternate these sprints with walking or jogging so that you are getting a good overall workout at the same time. Don’t allow your heart rate to get back to normal before you engage in another sprint.

Lunges are going to help you to increase stamina and to improve cardio fitness. They will get your feet moving. Try some aerobic moves too such as Taebo as it incorporates a variety of different movements. It can be fun too which will motivate you to do it without becoming bored. Make sure you do all of these drills correctly too so that you can gain the most benefit from them.

Make sure you take the time to do a cool down at the end of such a workout as well. Skipping this part of the process can result in you having sore muscles or even injuring yourself. This period of time should take at least five minutes. You want to continue stretching and doing low impact exercises until your heart rate has returned to normal.

Measure the improvements in your stamina by keeping good records of where you are at. Push yourself do more repetitions, to complete more sprints, to be faster, and to be more flexible. You need to have grace as well as speed when it comes to the art of being an effective boxer or kickboxer.

It is important to create an excellent workout regime that incorporates drills for improving both your stamina and your cardio fitness. When you do so, you will find that you are able to see significant improvements in many areas of your boxing or kickboxing talents. You may want to work with a trainer to help you stay motivated with them. You can do them on your own though. Take the time to try these great moves so you can have some fun with it as well.

Source by Anne J Wilson

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