Many ideas on life have risen and fallen throughout human history. But as entire human civilizations have came and went over the last five thousand years, one universal idea has stood the test of time: “All life is one.” A new book studies the profound meaning of “All life is one” that is found universally within human artistic expressions past and present. You will find this idea within both Eastern and Western philosophy, civilizations new and old, and within almost every world religion. Many great thinkers are quoted to have said “All life is one” in one form or another including Gandhi, Carl Jung, George Washington, Bill Bryson, General George Patton, John Donne, Bill Hicks, Silver Birch, Ed Viswanathan and even Buddha. A simple way to define ‘all life is one’ is the following: “Life exists as a singular interconnected consciousness.” Science now teaches us that DNA is the chain that binds us together. The idea of ‘all life is one’ takes into account that all DNA alive today has been alive since the first life. DNA is neither born during the replication process (no new life is recreated) nor does it die during the replication process (it merely becomes part of another chain). This contradicts the concept that we are born, reproduce and die. All life is actually infinite. Of course, not only does this idea go against our traditional thinking of birth, reproduction and death, it also dives into the concept of infinity, a concept the human mind has extreme difficulty understanding. An ‘infinite, singular life’ is quite profound to understand. Such is why you may go your entire life without hearing the idea ‘all life is one’. Why?

  • Your parents won’t teach it to you.
  • You won’t find it in public or private education.
  • It is not part of your university degree program.
  • It will not be in a TV commercial.
  • It won’t be on the news tonight.
  • It is not part of next week’s corporate training.
  • It will not be on this week’s Reality TV program.
  • It will not be part of this Sunday’s sermon.
  • Your friends will rarely bring it up (in the fear of being considered loony).
  • You will have trouble finding a book written about it.
  • You can barely find it in the temple of outlandish ideas: The Internet.
  • The idea has to be consciously denied in order to function in artificial civilization.

What parallels the concept that all life is one?

  • DNA the basic code of life, self-replicates. DNA (life) is an infinite self-replicating chain.
  • This concept of “life being infinite” can be seen simply by studying the basic behavior of the plant kingdom, insects and animals.
  • Human DNA is 99.9% identical across all humans, regardless of genetics. We know how the chain works in a identical species.
  • Human DNA is 98.7% identical to a Bonobo. We know how the chain works going in reverse.
  • Studies on human behavior show that behavior is approximately 93% predictable.
  • Studies on human routines show that human behavior is 95% habit.

But DNA and behavior studies are not compelling enough alone.

  • Human inventions such as the Internet, the corporation and the combustion engine parallel the concept that ‘all life is one’:
  • The Internet parallels the singular interconnected subconscious (hive mind) of all life on Earth, resembling a Markov Chain of infinite, self-replicating life.
  • The living cell of an organism closely parallels the workings of the combustion engine.
  • In cosmology, the big bang arose from a singularity of all matter in the universe. In other words, at a point in time, all was one.
  • In psychology, defense mechanisms such as denial and repression protect the mind from outside ideas that conflict with the beliefs taught as a child. Also cognitive dissonance, the inability to accept two conflicting ideas at the same time. Denial and cognitive dissonance arethe most important psychological parallels–they are fundamental components as to why ‘all life is one’ cannot actually be accepted in the human mind.
  • Psychological phenomena that parallel ‘all life is one’ are many. Mass movements and ideas spread through proximity, similar to a virus.
  • Groupthink is another phenomena, common in educational environments.
  • The phenomena of mass hysteria has been studied and accounted throughout human history.
  • Four decades of reincarnation studies psychatrist Ian Stevenson indicate that most ‘past lives’ were recalled by children before the age of 10 then completely forgotten.
  • Studies on identical twins show all kinds of interesting phenomena, including ESP and telepathy.
  • More psychological parallels include introjection, or the replication of behaviors, attributes or other people, which is quite common in human society.
  • The Stanford Prison Experiment, one of the most interesting psychological experiments ever conducted, had to be canceled because of the results. The results of this experiment should prove, even to the curious observer, the effectiveness of role adaption–and that individuals can easily adapt to roles they have never performed.

These phenomena on their own mean nothing. But unified together, it seems to indicate there could potentially be a subconscious link between all life–a ‘hive mind’ so to speak. ‘All life is one’ is the idea that there is only one DNA chain of life, and it is shared by all living things. We all operate from a ‘hive mind’. Another fascinating bit of science is Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a naturally occurring psychadelic. DMT has recently been found to be in nearly every living organism. DMT is theorized to serve as the communication pathway between all life on Earth. DMT is now hypothesised to be produced in the human brain and possibly created by the pineal gland. DMT is present in almost all organic life, especially within the plant kingdom. DMT is also found in marine life. Since we now know that ocean life existed in the ocean for three and a half billion years before land-based life appeared, what could this mean? If all life is one, not only does this explain the good parts of human civilization: Faith. Hope. Compassion. Altruism. Artistic talent. Female instincts. The positive sides of organized religion. Advances in medicine… It would also explain the bad parts of human civilization: Genocide. Suicide. Homicide. Mass Murder. Depravity. Ruthlessness. War. The drive for power. Nuclear weapons. Male instincts. The negative sides of organized religion. From the Ying to the Yang to your dreams and your road hypnosis to your consciousness to your interconnected subconscious, the idea that “all life is one” possesses answers in an existence full of questions. But no matter what happens in your individual life, or no matter what you believe, just remember 4 simple words: “All life is one.”

Source by Aaron Socio

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