Network marketing isn’t for the timid. It takes intelligence and hard work to be successful. But it is very doable. In spite of that, I’m amazed at the number of really smart people who don’t know how to make money through network marketing.

So let me make a couple of assumptions. First, you don’t have a “product”, like a great new hammer. Second, you do have knowledge in a “soft” field, whether it is archeology or zebras, or anything in between.

Actually writing the website is probably pretty easy for you. With all that knowledge sitting there, just waiting to burst forth, your pages and pages of great information will flow onto web pages before you know it.

So now what?

You can sit there and admire how nice it looks. Or you can turn it into a real monetization tool. Let’s take that archeology topic sitting up there. It doesn’t really sound like winner as far as income is concerned, does it? Well, let’s see what we can do with it.

1. Incorporate Google AdSense ads. The archeology pages will most certainly discuss different geographical areas, museums, etc., all of which are fodder for the AdSense ad machine.

2. Sell books. Become an Amazon affiliate. Amazon isn’t known for paying high commission, but when you’ve got a niche market, and the knowledge to recommend the best publications, it’s a real possibility. Affiliate marketing is a top option for many, many infopreneur sites.

3. Sell ebooks. Go to ClickBank and see if anyone has written an ebook that you can sell on your site. Odds are they have. You will probably get a nice commission too, sometimes as high as 50-75% of the cost of the ebook.

4. Sell ebooks. Your own. Write an ebook about how to get archeological permits in different places in the world. Sell the ebooks on your site. And put them into the ClickBank mix and let other people sell them too.

5. Affiliate sales. You’ve got lots of potential here. There is jewelry based on antiquity themes. There are artists who do works on ancient themes. There are movies based in ancient civilizations. And how about all those archeological digs – do they have programs that you could sell, like 2-8 week summer vacation trips?

6. Magazine sales. There have got to be some great archeology magazines that you could represent. Perhaps you can even trade advertising with them – they promote you, and you will promote them. It’s a win-win trade.

7. Travel affiliates. Join a travel affiliate sales program so that your visitors can book trips to the exotic locales that you talk about.

That’s just the beginning. After you’ve been online a while, your network marketing site will draw advertisers who see your site and will want to place ads. A page or two of classified ads, like in a magazine is possible.

These same techniques can be duplicated in nearly all types of websites. Network marketing isn’t a sleazy deal. It’s the real thing. It is loads and loads of information coupled with strong monetization models.

And it doesn’t get much better than that.

Source by MaryAnn Shank

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