Many newbie internet marketers are learning the concepts of attraction marketing. There are many good reasons for this. Leading with value and service is a worthy endeavor and a refreshing change. Who really needs more spamming and sales pitches?

There are challenges with building any kind of business on the Internet. The learning curve to building a very successful business can be very steep and requires a focused plan. Without a blueprint it can feel like traveling through a maze.

There are many reasons for the confusion and overwhelm that exists on the Internet. Some of the challenges that lead to this include:

  • Learning how to sift through all the distractions that exist on the Internet. The internet is a vast piece of real estate and can be overwhelming. Without proper boundaries around surfing etc, your limited time can be wasted and unproductive.
  • Having too many choices and being enticed by some great copywriting.To market effectively, a newbie internet marketer must learn many new skills including copywriting, blogging, article writing, social networking, creating videos. Learning all these marketing strategies requires training. A newbie internet marketer must decide who to get the training from, how much money to invest, what is a realistic training period to learn a skill well enough to use it effectively to generate results. A blueprint for success is necessary to avoid jumping around from one training to another.
  • Determining a monetization plan to put the newbie internet marketer into positive cash flow. Without some cash flow it is difficult to justify building a business that is not generating money to pay for trainings, costs for domain names, hosting accounts, pay-per-click, etc. Keep in mind you can build a business with very little cash flow. But face it, how long will you want to do that without some monetary reward. Getting into quick cashflow is critical.
  • Not knowing when to move on or stay focused until you are accomplishing desired results with one traffic generation method. In the beginning it is easy to want to learn how to do every traffic generation method. This can lead to bouncing around to every guru’s training without ever taking action. End result = little to no success.
  • Recognizing your strengths and weaknesses and how to best utilize those. You don’t need to use all the different methods of generating traffic to your website. It is fine to specialize in just a few methods. In fact, some very successful marketers have built successful businesses using only video marketing.

To be successful finding a training program that most importantly focuses on value based attraction marketing, is necessary. Overall, delivering the most value, will go far in attracting people to you.

In addition, identifying your unique strengths and learning how to apply those strengths in your marketing will shorten your learning curve.

Identify your target market. One of the biggest mistakes newbie internet marketers make is to pick a huge market and try to speak to too many people. By doing this they speak to no one. So, having a clearly defined niche is very important for your success. My audience with this article are newbie internet marketers.

Determine what skill you want to leverage your marketing with. You don’t have one yet? Focus on an area that is fun for you and get some training and then just do it. Everyone starts somewhere. Mistakes will sharpen your skills and is how you learn. Jump in with both feet. The only real failure is quitting!

Source by Dianne Thomsen

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