Give most people and especially women the chance to ‘shake their thing’ and they will jump at the chance. Dancing is a fabulous way of letting go of our inhibitions, as well as keeping fit and generally making us feel happy.

There are so many forms of dance and all over the world, every country will offer a different style. We are all used to seeing TV programmes showing celebrities learning how to foxtrot, samba or waltz and for many of us the opportunity to get to learn these wonderful moves rarely arises.

However, we can now attend fitness classes which give us the chance to learn how to Zumba. Zumba is a form of Latin American inspired dancing and has been the latest craze within the UK for the last few years. Women can go along to the classes and have fun learning new moves, whilst burning a few calories at the same time.

There are believed to be over 1000 different styles of dance, but the most popular are hip hop, tap, belly, burlesque and kathak. Kathak is a huge craze in Indian and is one of the six classical styles of moving that is used to tell a love story.

Interestingly belly dancing is considered to be one of the oldest styles of dancing, originating in the Middle east, Mediterranean and Africa. Many claim the style can be dated as far back as the Egyptians. Pharaohs would call upon their personal entourage to keep themselves entertained.

If we are looking for a way to have fun, keep fit or even as an alternative way to spend our hen party, then a lesson in learning a new dance like belly dancing or burlesque could be a fabulous way to keep everyone happy.

Many brides are choosing not to hit the town for their hen party, but are looking for another way to spend their day that is enjoyable and fun. The biggest dance craze for brides parties is Burlesque dance classes.

Burlesque is a performance art that combines theatre, comedy, satire, music and adult entertainment and has recently been made famous by the beautiful Dita Von Teese. It is a fairly recent style in the UK and was first introduced by the victorians in the 1800’s. It actually dates back to the 17th century and originated in Italy, where it was referred to as ‘burlesco’.

How about choosing a sultry and sexy way of moving that gives you chance to express your inner vixen, but at the same time learning how to move to music and learn new routines. You could leave your hen party with a new way of shaking your hips.

Choosing burlesque for your hen party is an amazing way to spend your day. The classes will often involve glamour, feather boas and a chance to learn some sexy and fun moves with your friends. You can choose to attend the classes in your normal clothes or you can embrace the hen party and arrive in sexy attire.

The dance classes are led by a professional instructor who will teach you and your friends how to move and slowly carry out a striptease, do not worry it does not involved getting naked!

Burlesque classes are a great alternative for your hen party and a simple online search will bring up plenty of companies who can organise the day for you. The classes are led by professionals who will ensure you get the best from your day.

The venue will be organised in a city centre close to you. You can choose what you want to wear, so how brave will you be.

Source by Robyn Lawrence

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