How much you earn depends on the amount the advertiser of that particular advert is willing to pay, and also on the keywords that are required. If the advertiser has very popular keywords, you will get much more per click. Conversely, unpopular keywords make you only pennies!

So how do you start making money with AdSense?

1. Sign up for your Google AdSense account, which takes very little time.

2. Once accepted you will get a code to add to your pages. Put the code on any page(s) you like, the more the merrier. Adverts will appear after a while.

3. You earn when someone clicks on the Adverts that are displayed on your web pages. Never click upon the adverts on your own site as Google will ban your account and also prevent you from claiming any legitimate earnings.

4. Keep an eye on your statistics. You can check them whenever you like by logging into your Google AdSense account.

Once your accounts working correctly, you might like to try to emulate the similar websites that earn more money than you do. Of course there are many factors that will affect how your website performs and the amount of cash you can earn from it.

So how can you increase the money you make with AdSense?

1. Focus on one topic on each page. You would do better writing content for your pages with only a limited number of targeted phrases. The search engine will then be able to serve adverts that are more relevant to your page, and therefore you will obtain higher clickthroughs.

2. Just Use white space around the advert. Do this to make the advert much more noticeable than the rest of the stuff on the page. Just be careful not to violate the rules regarding trying to influence people to click on the adverts, this can also get you banned. Do not put arrows pointing to the adverts and things like that. You can edit the colours of the advert if you like, Google allows this.

3. Test putting your advert in different places. Google has all sorts of help within the AdSense account to demonstrate best practice. You can watch many webinars that actually show advert placement and other important issues.

4. Increase the number of content based pages you have on your website. Create many more pages that focus on the individual keyword phrases. This helps with your search engine optimization, something that is all important.

Source by Paul Friar

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