Adding an additional stream of income by monetizing your photoblog may seem like a great idea. Not so fast. Consider these pitfalls with monetizing before you invest your time in monetizing.

Promotes Other Photographers
Displaying ads on your site where the ads are generated based on your site content is great. You write about photography, ads for Photoshop and Canon show up. But what happens when another photographer wants to advertise on the content network that you’re showing ads for? If ads for your competition are showing up on your site, a click that made you $2 in revenue may have just cost you thousands from a lost client. If you find that your competitor’s ads are showing up on your site, you can block those ads, but that means keeping a close eye on which ads are being served on your blog.

Website Spam
Websites that over-do their ads can kill their reputation. When trying to earn a few extra bucks, don’t throw customer experience out the window. This is definitely a case of less is more. Fewer ads may mean the customer will not be turned off to your site, and you may have earned a repeat visitor. There’s definitely an art to positioning ads so they don’t appear spammy. It’s worth putting the effort into keeping the site clean so all the work you put into building up your reputation is not lost by looking like the online version of a tacky used car salesman.

Misuse Of Monetization
In order for ads to be effective, they must be relevant. Advertising a sports drink on the same page that talks about retirement communities is probably not going to be effective. The content-related ads that are displayed on your site are usually safe because they are related to the words on the page. If you’re doing your own advertising, though, keep in mind that you’ll want your offer to be in line with the useful information you’re posting on the blog.

No Clicks
After spending the time to include ads on your blog, you may find that you’re not getting any clicks. If this is the case, you need to ask yourself a few questions to determine where the problem is. First, do you get any traffic to the site? If you’re not sure, you need to install website analytics to see how many visitors you’re getting. If you’re getting traffic, are people interested in your content and reading multiple posts? If it looks like you’re getting visitors and people are loving your content, it may be that your ad is placed in a poor location or is not big enough to be easily spotted by visitors.

Source by TJ McDowell

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